Passport Application



1. A Ghanaian citizen (as defined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana Chapter 3 Section 6)

             •  By birth (where either parent or grandparent is a Ghanaian citizen)

             •  By marriage

             •  By naturalization

2. As proof of citizenship, provide any of the following:
             •  Birth Certificate (original and a photocopy)
             •  Your old Passport (if any)
             •  Certificate of naturalization
             •  Baptismal certificate
             •  Statutory declaration made in a High Court by one of the applicant's parents.
             •  Affidavit by Head of Family in respect of applicant regarding citizenship.

3. Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs on a plain background (without a hat or sunglasses, one must be endorsed by the  witness or guarantor).
4. State name of applicant.
5. Two (2) Ghanaians who will act as guarantors , living in your country of residence.
6. A witness ( also a Ghanaian) in your country of residence.



Parental Consent Form (click to download)

Passport applications for minors (children under 18 years) must be submitted with a letter of consent signed by the Child’s parents.

Please note that parents with sole custodianship of their children should provide a letter to this effect.

Unaccompanied minors on school trips or voluntary programmes must also attach a letter of consent signed by both parents or their legal guardians, to their visa/passport application.




Application Guidelines 



Exhausted pages, Expiration

Damaged Passport

Lost Passport

1. Original Birth Certificate


2. Parental Consent Form   (click to download)


3. Four (4) recent Passport size photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm colour photographs with plain white background) 


3. Copy of  any parent’s Ghanaian passport or proof of Ghanaian Citizenship


4. Duly Completed Passport Application Form


5. Stamped form OR Copy of witness’ Ghanaian passport


6. Receipt of payment of fees


(Fee = DKK 1,300)

1. Original Ghanaian Passport (the exhausted or expired passport)


2. Duly Completed Passport Application Form


3. Stamped form OR Copy of witness’ Ghanaian passport.


4. Four (4) recent Passport size photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm colour photographs with plain white background)


5. Receipt of payment of fees







(Fee = DKK 1,300)

1. Original Ghanaian Passport


2. Duly Completed Passport Application Form


3. Stamped form OR Copy of witness’ Ghanaian passport


4. Four (4) recent Passport size photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm colour photographs with plain white background)


5. Receipt of payment of fees








(Fee = DKK 2,100)

1. Original Birth Certificate or proof of Citizenship


2. Police Report


3. A Sworn Affidavit from Ghana and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ghana


4. Duly Completed Passport Application Form


5. Duly Completed Lost Declaration Form (click to download)


6. Stamped form OR Copy of witness’ Ghanaian passport


7. Four (4) recent Passport size photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm colour photographs with plain white background)


8. Receipt of payment of fees

(Fee = DKK 2,100)


Completion of Forms

Complete in full Items 1-10 and 12 as in application form. The following explanations would help you:

(*) Please take note of Mandatory fields

Item 1*

•  “SURNAME” This means your family name E.g. SARPONG

•  “OTHER NAMES” ie. Your PERSONAL names eg. JONES or KOFI


Item 2


Name known before marriage / change of family name


Item 3*

“PROFESSION” Your occupation

eg. Teacher, doctor, public/civil servant, etc.

(Not your title eg. Alhaji, Reverend etc.)


Item 9*


Complete if you have ever attended a school.


*Item 4, 5, 6, and 7 should be filled appropriately.


Item 8a* and b*

NB: Applicant is mandated to provide a valid email address since all forms of communication from the Embassy would be done via email to the applicant.


Item 9* and 10*

          Should be filled appropriately


Item 11*

Ensure that your guarantors (2 Ghanaians) complete items 11a & b


Item 12*

DECLARATION BY APPLICANT: The forms must be signed and dated by the applicant accordingly.


Item 13*

Legal guardian /parents to complete this section for applicants less than 18 years, and a completed "Parental Consent Form" added to the application. 


Item 14*

Person filling in this item must complete in full and sign accordingly.


Item 15*

This must be completed in FULL by a witness (a Ghanaian), and must be endorsed with either an offical stamp, OR applicant must submit a copy of the data page of Bio-data page of witness’ Ghanaian passport.


Item 16*

Affix your passport-sized photograph on the space provided.

Next to the picture, in the space provided, affix your Right Thumbprint.



Passport Application Fees and Codes

E = Standard Fee (Cash payment & Self or Courier Pick-ups)

F = Application Fee + Bank Transfer Charges + Postage for a weight of 1 passport

Service Reason for Application

Fees (DKK)  

Bank Transfer charges (DKK) Postage Fees (DKK)

Application Fee + Bank Fee + Postage Fee (DKK)


* New Application

(Infant, Exhausted pages, and  Expiring)



50 130



* Replacements/

(Lost or Damaged)


New Application for Adults

(Without passport)



50 130




Completed Application

Completed applications shall  be submitted to the Embassy either in person or posted to the address below:
Consular Section
Ghana Embassy
Egebjerg Alle 13
DK - 2900 Hellerup


Processing Time


The  processing time for an application for a  Ghanaian  Passport, is one (1) month starting from the date applicant meets all necessary requirements . Applicants who, FOR ONE REASON OR THE OTHER,   submit  an Incomplete application, would DELAY the processing of their applications.

Please Note that there is No Express service for processing  passport applications. Applicants are therefore advised to apply at least 2 months to their intended time of travel or the intended time of use ,to avoid undue delays.

Due to the increase in the number of passport applications, the Embassy will NOT be in the position to contact applicants who fail to meet all requirements of the application via telephone. You are therefore advised to provide a valid EMAIL ADDRESS for  further communication regarding your application.




1. Applicants who want their passports to be returned by post  after processing is completed, should include with their application, 12 international postal coupons, or add 130 DKK to their application fees. Please refer to the fees and codes above and pay accordingly. Applicants may also purchase  Danish Stamps, if  available  in their countries of residence. Kindly note that Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Icelandic stamps CANNOT be used in Denmark.

2. Twelve (12) International Postal Coupons or 130 DKK is required for posting 1 passport. Please contact your local post for more information.

3. Applicants can also arrange for courier (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, or EMS) service pick-up.

4. Applicants may collect their passports in person at the Embassy BETWEEN 12 NOON AND 1:30 PM FROM MONDAY -THURSDAY.



Method of Payment

a. Payment may be made in cash (payable at the Embassy) or by Certified Bank Cheque. All consular fees can be paid into Danske Bank Account (details below). All bank charges/fees must be paid by the applicant. Do not post cash!!

b. Foreign cheques drawn on Danske Bank attract a bank fee of DKK 200.00 per cheque. Those drawn on other banks attract a fee of DKK 100.00. Applicants must make provision for these fees when making payment .

c. Applicants transferring money from a different bank other than Danske Bank, should be aware that it takes a couple of days before the transfer is successful. Please note that, the issuance  of  bank receipt upon payment of fees, is not  proof that  the transfer has been successful. Some applicants  end up transferring their payment  into wrong accounts.

d. To speed up the processing of the application, applicants are advised to make payment directly at the nearest Danske Bank and submit their application with their receipt of payment.


Cash Payment

Payment may be made in cash payable only at the Mission. The Embassy does NOT accept any other currency other than Danish Krona. Visa, Master, Paypal, or any form of card payment is NOT acceptable. Do not post cash!!

Bank Transfer or Certified Bank Cheque

The Embassy accepts bank transfers paid into the  Danske Bank Account below:


For those OUTSIDE Denmark

      Bank Name     : Danske Bank

      SWIFT            : DABADKKK

      IBAN               : DK35 3000 3109 1148 47


For those IN Denmark

      Bank Name     : Danske Bank

      Account No     : 4001 3109114847

Danske Bank Address:

      Holmens Kanal 2-12,

      1092 Cph K



The Embassy wishes to advice applicants to personally effect the transfer of their  application fees to the Embassy's account, at  the nearest Danske Bank.


Bank Charges

Money transferred from another bank other than  Danske Bank will attract a transfer charge of 50 DKK. Applicants are therefore advised to pay all bank charges to avoid a  shortage in the application fees. Any application with a shortage in the required fees will not be attended to. Please check with your Bank and ensure you pay the necessary bank charges in addition to your application fees.

Application Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE if the application is unsuccessful.