How to Apply - Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship

How To Apply

1. Write an application for registration as a Dual Citizen addressed to the Hon. Minister for Interior.

2. Purchase "Form 10" from the Embassy of Ghana, Copenhagen, and complete it.

3. Attach the following documents to the "Form 10" and submit to the Embassy:

         a. Copy of Bio-Data page of both Ghanaian and Foreign Passports.
         b. For persons who have renounced their Ghanaian Citizenship, evidence of Renunciation of Ghanaian Citizenship.
         c. Copy of Naturalization Certificate from Foreign Country.
         d. Four (4) passport-size photographs.
         e. Names, postal addresses and telephone numbers of two close relatives living in Ghana.
          f. Evidence of Payment


4. Applications for children born outside Ghana must include the following:

         a. Copy of Birth Certificate

         b. Copy of Ghanaian parent's passports
         c. Copy of Bio-Data page of Child's Ghanaian and foreign passports.

    Completed Application

    Completed applications must be submitted to the Embassy either in person or posted to the address below:

                               Consular Section 

                             Ghana Embassy

                             Egebjerg Alle 13

                             2900 Hellerup





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