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  • Applicants for Ghanaian passports must be Citizens of Ghana by Birth, naturalization, Registration, Adoption or by any Enactment. Documentary evidence must be provided in support of any such claim.

  • A Ghanaian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document for Ghanaians who travel abroad.

  • Issued to Ghanaian citizens only, a Ghanaian passport reflects the identity of the applicant as determined by documentary evidence of citizenship and documents to support identity.



1. A Ghanaian citizen (as defined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana Chapter 3 Section 6)

             •  By birth (where either parent or grandparent is a Ghanaian citizen)

             •  By marriage

             •  By naturalization

2. As proof of citizenship, provide any of the following:
             •  Birth Certificate (original and a photocopy)
             •  Your old Passport (if any)
             •  A statutory declaration made in a High Court by one of the applicant's parents.
             •  Affidavit by Head of Family in respect of applicant regarding citizenship.

3. Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs on a plain background (without a hat or sunglasses, one must be endorsed by the witness or guarantor).
4. State name of the applicant.
5. Two (2) Ghanaians who will act as guarantors, living in your country of residence.
6. A witness ( also a Ghanaian) in your country of residence.


Visitors to Ghana must note that the possession of an Entry Visa does not guarantee the right of Entry. Visitors may be refused entry into Ghana if they fall within the category of Prohibited Immigrants or if they do not satisfy immigration requirements at the port of entry. The Government of Ghana will not be financially liable for their repatriation.

Reasons for New Passport  and Requirements

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Parental Consent for Ghana Passport

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Ghana Passport Application Fees and Codes

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Ghana Passport Processing Time

The processing time for  Ghana passport applications is 1 (One) Month, whilst ...



Postage/Pick up

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Method of Payment

Payment may be made in card (payable at the Embassy). All bank ...

How to Apply

You can apply for the Ghana passport by post or in person. One (1) application form must ...

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