Book Appointment for Bio-Data Capture

Book for Appointment 


1• Your FINGERPRINT and PHOTO will be captured.
2• Do Not wear a WHITE attire for the photo capture.
3• Applicants' hairstyling should be done with the aim of showing both EARS.

Book for Appointment 

Please Take Note of The Following Before Booking:

  • Bookings should be made in the NAME of the Applicant. This includes names of infants and children.

  • An applicant is entreated to choose One (1) Booking Slot ONLY. Any applicant who engages in multiple booking will risk CANCELLATION of their appointments WITHOUT NOTICE.

  • You are advised to CANCEL your booking if you DO NOT have all the supporting documents for the application and RE-BOOK when you have ALL readily available. Click HERE to know what to submit.

  • Applicants whose applications have been cancelled due to errors in their submissions must re-submit fresh applications at least 3 days before their appointment date.

  • Applicants who book for appointments before submitting an Online passport application will risk CANCELLATION of their appointments WITHOUT NOTICE.

  • Your appointment will be cancelled if you have received an “Update Request” in your email from the Consular Section and have not yet responded.

  • If you MISS, or CANCEL your appointment, with less than 24-hour notice, you will be liable to pay for the next appointment at the Embassy.
See Online Booking Page