--How To Apply

Ghana Passport

How To Apply

  1. Download and Fill the Application Form before printing. The steps needed to complete the form are detailed below. Fields marked as Mandatory (*) must duly be completed. Applicants will be requested to re-submit new application for wrong information and Blank Spaces
  2. Attach all relevant supporting documents that are listed under Passport Requirements depending on the reason for the application. 
  3. Pay for the processing of your application. The required fee to pay can be found under Passport Fees and Codes. How to pay for the Processing Fee can be found under Method of Payment
  4. Submit the completed application either in person or by a registered post. The postal address of the Consular Section can be found below. 

How to Completion of Forms

Complete in Full - items 1-10 and 12 as in Application Form. Items 11 and 15 must be filled by 3 Ghanaians living in your country of residence. The following explanations would help you:

Please take note of Mandatory fields (*

Item 1*

•  “SURNAME”:                This means your family name E.g. SARPONG

•  “OTHER NAMES”:        ie. Your PERSONAL names eg. JONES or KOFI


Item 2*

“PREVIOUS/MAIDEN NAME”:     Name known before marriage/change of family name


Item 3*

“PROFESSION”:       Your occupation. For example Teacher, Doctor, Public/Civil Servant, etc.

(Not your title eg. Alhaji, Reverend, etc.).

Item 4*, 5*, 6*, and 7* should be filled appropriately.

(*) Please take note of Mandatory fields !!   

Item 8a* and 8b*

NB: Applicants are mandated to provide a valid email address since all forms of communication from the Embassy would be done via email to the applicant.

Item 9*

“LAST EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION ATTENDED”:      Provide the latest/current school you have attended or continue to attend.



Item 10(i, ii, & iii)

          Should be filled appropriately


Item 11*

Ensure that your guarantors (2 Ghanaians) complete items 11(i) & 11(ii)


Item 12*

DECLARATION BY APPLICANT: The forms must be SIGNED and DATED by the applicant accordingly.


Item 13*

Legal guardian /parent to complete this section for applicants less than 18 years, and a completed "Parental Consent Form" added to the application. 


Item 14*

Persons filling in this item must complete in full and sign accordingly.


Item 15*

This must be completed in FULL by a witness (a Ghanaian), and must be Endorsed with either an official stamp OR the witness must attach a copy of the data page of their Ghanaian passport.


Item 16*

Affix your passport-sized photograph on the space provided.

Next to the picture, in the space provided, affix your Right Thumbprint.

Completed Application

Completed applications must be submitted to the Embassy either in person or posted to the address below:

                           Consular Section 

                         Ghana Embassy

                         Egebjerg Alle 13

                         2900 Hellerup





“ Those who would judge us merely by the heights we have achieved would do well to remember the depths from which we started. ” 

-----Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

      First President of Ghana

Phone:    +45 3962 8222

Email:    consular@ghanaembassy.dk

Address: Egebjerg Alle 13, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark.