Postage or Pick-up

Embassy of The Republic of Ghana

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ghana Passport

Postage and Pick-up 

Applicants may collect their passports in person at the Embassy, between 12:00 NOON & 1:30 PM from MONDAY-THURSDAY

1. Applicants who would like their passports to be returned by post should submit with their applications, 150 DKK to their application fees.

Please refer to the Fees and Codes and make payment accordingly. Kindly note that Swedish, Finnish, and Icelandic stamps or International postal coupons CANNOT be used in Denmark.

2. 100 DKK is required for posting one (1)  passport. If your application weighs more than the weight of 1 passport, please contact your local post for the appropriate cost of postage. 

3. Applicants may also arrange for courier (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, or EMS) service pick-up.




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Consular Working Hours

DAYS: Monday to Thursday 

TIME:  9:30  -  13:30 hours

Telephone Hours: 10:00  -  12:00 hours 

Fridays, Weekends, & Public Holidays: Closed

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