Mobile Consluar Services in Sweden


(Passport and Visa applications)

in Stockholm - Sweden

1st - 7th November 2021

Passport Application Processes

         The Mobile Consular Service (MCS) for November 2021 will be a drift away from the usual procedures. The provision of services will be conducted in strict adherence with laid down prevailing Covid-19 safety protocols prescribed by the Swedish Government on social gatherings. You are kindly entreated to follow ALL directives that will be conveyed to you by the Ghana National Council of Sweden through your respective local union leaders.

         All applicants are duly advised to note the following application steps and ALWAYS follow the directives given by the Ghana National Council of Sweden.


Check Application Types and Requirements

Applicants must first check from the Embassy’s website the requirements/ supporting documents required in relation to their passport application type and be sure they meet those requirements before proceeding to apply. Anything short of what is listed on the website WILL NOT be attended to.


ALL Passport Applicants who want to take part in this Mobile Consular service MUST PAY ONLINE. Only those who have paid online will be attended to. Payment for passport application WILL NOT be allowed at the venue. Only VISA applicants will be allowed to pay for their VISAS on site.



SUBMIT ONLINE Application Form

Access and Submit the online application forms on the Embassy’s website. Those who have ALREADY submitted their ONLINE applications do not need to resubmit. The application is still VALID. Applicants who are yet to submit their applications for this Mobile Service MUST submit it at least 3 working days before the exercise commences.


Applicants MUST NOT book appointments with the Embassy. They must only register with the Ghana National Council by contacting the telephone numbers below. The Embassy will ONLY attend to the LIST of registered applicants. Please note that applicants for PASSPORTS and VISAS who are not on the registered LIST WILL NOT be permitted at the venue.



Come with ALL Supporting Documents

Applicants MUST present ALL the listed supporting documents referred to in STEP 1 above, in their original form. Any missing or omitted document will mean that the application CANNOT be completed.

All applicants with previous/old Biometric Passports (the Green cover passport) MUST bring the ORIGINAL passport when coming for their biometric capture.

Kindly Note:

Contacts For Registration:


Ghana National Council of Sweden

Mr. Joe Etbon

Tel: 070 880 55 05


Ghana Union Gothenburg

Mr. Gilbert Mensah

Tel: 076 296 88 62


Ghanaian-Swedish Association

Mrs. Angela Quaye

Tel: 072 942 93 03