Extension of Stay




Procedure for Extension of Stay in Ghana

Visitors may abide by the following procedure in their application for extension or stay.

1. Completion of the requisite application forms obtained from the Immigration Headquarters or the nearest Regional Commands of the Service.

2. Provision of two current passport-sized photographs.

3. An application letter from those who wish to stay for a period more than 3 months stating the reason(s) for the request.

4. Provision of a valid return ticket or any form of guarantee that the visitor will leave the country at the end of the period requested for.

5. Provision of documentary evidence of intent to invest in Ghana (applicable to would-be investors only).

6. Provision of a valid passport; and

7. The payment of the requisite processing fee.

Please note that Employment is restricted while on a Visitor’s Permit. Applicants who violate Visa Regulations, and engage in any form of employment, business meetings, etc. whilst on a Tourist Visa, shall face prosecution leading to deportation or a jail sentence.  


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