Her Excellency Amerley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa delivers her maiden speech during a Diaspora Engagement session with the Ghanaian Community in Denmark

The Leadership of the various ethnic groups,

Reverend Ministers and Pastors,


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

It is very heart-warming and as it were a great privilege to see all of you here this evening. In deed I am very glad and excited at your presence at my maiden meeting with you.  I really appreciate your kind efforts especially taking into consideration the short notice and your busy schedules.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, as some of you may be aware, by GOD’s grace I arrived here in Copenhagen on the 8th of September to assume office as Ghana’s Ambassador to Denmark with concurrent accreditation to the other Nordic countries. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to present my letters of credence to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark the following week. 

In line with Nana Akufo Addo’s focus on Ghanaian Diaspora engagement, the next programme on my agenda was to reach out to the Ghanaian community in Copenhagen and by extension to Denmark which I started in earnest by visiting eight Ghanaian community churches within three weeks.

Incidentally, due to the preparations towards the state visit of the Queen of Denmark to Ghana last month, we had to suspend the program.

I just arrived last week and couldn’t have waited any further than to quickly arrange for my maiden meeting with you before the end of 2017.

Ladies and gentlemen, first and foremost, the purpose of this meeting is to formally announce my arrival here in Copenhagen and to indicate that I am ready to serve you.

Secondly to see how we can collaborate to move Ghana our motherland forward.

May I use this opportunity to articulate some of my core aspirations and those of my officers.

I wish to affirm that as a Mission, we believe in results through cooperation and trust. In this direction our priority is to create an enabling environment that will strengthen the relationship between the Ghanaian Mission and the Nordic countries and importantly the Ghanaian communities in these countries.

The mission is bent on pursuing and achieving positive results through close cooperation and trust with the Ghanaian Diaspora. Going forward, let me say this here and now, that one pivotal focus of the mission would be to bridge any unwanted communication gap between our Diaspora cells, the Union, and the Mission.

In this regard Unity would be key.

I would therefore seek to pursue this unity drive as the key foundation to contribute to the success story of my tenure as an Ambassador

May I humbly urge various Ghanaian unions, Churches, Political groupings and intellectuals to join me and the Mission in presenting a united Ghanaian front in everything we do.

Let’s start a new page with no prejudice or malice. 

The doors of the mission are widely opened: We believe in an Open-Door Policy.

Let us use due process and present whatever concerns we have. As long as your concerns arrive on our desks, you can be rest assured, we would address them. No two ways about that!

Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen, May I emphasise here and now that the role of the Ghanaian Diaspora in national development has won unprecedented recognition from the current government.

President Nana Akufo Addo’s administration prioritises Diaspora investments and this is evident in his vision on Diaspora inclusiveness which has led to the establishment of Diaspora Affairs office last February at the office of the Presidency.

This is in fulfilment of his commitment to tap and harness Ghanaian resources abroad to complement his efforts to leave a legacy of 'Ghana beyond AID'.  

Ghana has attained the status of a lower middle-income country and is transitioning from AID to Trade and needs Domestic and Foreign investors to partner with.

To quote the President:

"We intend to process more of our resources here in our country….there can be no future prosperity for our people in the short, medium or long term, if we continue to maintain economic structures that are dependent on the production and export of raw materials.

“We intend to add value to our raw materials resources, industrialize and enhance agricultural productivity ….this is the only way we can put Ghana at the high end of the value chain in the global market place and create jobs for the teeming masses of Ghanaians, particularly the youth.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us as a country to take our destiny into our own hands and this the time we need you the most. This is the time we need your expertise and technical-know-how in building our economy. Government is therefore seeking partnership with Ghanaians in the Diaspora to invest in Ghana to create a vibrant private sector and the needed jobs for the teaming youth in Ghana.

Beyond that, there is the need to inculcate in our people the best practices you’ve learnt from working in top businesses and companies from around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, this would be the needed seed we would sow for the transformation of Ghana.

In this regard whether it is in building Ghana beyond Aid

‘One District One Factory’

‘One Village One Dam ‘or

‘Planting for Food and Jobs’, all hands especially of those in the Diaspora are being encouraged to be on deck.


State visit of the queen of the Royal Kingdom of Denmark to Ghana.

I am happy to announce to you that the State visit of Her Majesty Queen Magarette11 to Ghana from 22nd-26th November 2017 was a big success. The visit was very historic in the sense that it marked the transition of the predominantly AID relationship between Ghana and Denmark and the beginning of potential trade discussions in the area of Food and Agriculture, Infrastructure and Railways, Maritime, and Sustainability,

A Business Delegation of almost a hundred Danish business people had a chance to experience the rich opportunities to invest and run a business in Ghana, and several Memorandums of Understanding were signed between Danish and Ghanaian representatives.

Before I take my seat, I would want to throw a big challenge to you by re-echoing the general opinion of many Ghanaians that the Ghanaian Diaspora could be a vibrant Constituency within our Nation’s political and socio-economic dynamic in helping in achieving the commanding heights that our founding fathers envisioned for our country during independence.

Let us rise to the occasion and make Ghana great and strong.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are looking forward too much more closer ties between our Mission in Copenhagen and our Diaspora networks all over the Scandinavian countries.

Let us rise to the occasion and make Ghana proud.

May I now, on behalf of the Mission and on my own behalf wish you and your families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Long live Ghanaian Diaspora

Long live Ghana our Motherland.

GOD bless us and make our Nation great and Strong.