Reopening of the Embassy





The Embassy extends its warmest greetings to all and sundry and wishes to inform that, following the announcement of the gradual easing of the COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark, the Embassy will resume operations on MONDAY, 15TH JUNE 2020.

In this regard, the following COVID-19 protocol will be strictly adhered to at the Embassy until further notice:

  • All walk-in services, including consular application submission, have been suspended: all persons applying for Consular services should post their documents. 

The Embassy's earlier communication to phase out all Machine-Readable passports and to replace them with Biometric passports by the end of December 2020 is still in force. Hence, only applications for passport extension shall be processed (by One (1) Year on Gratis). All other Passport and Visa applications are suspended until further notice.

We count on your usual cooperation. 

May God bless our homeland, Ghana, and make our nation great and Strong.